Yadni Campro is a multi specialty engineering company. We have a footprint in several leading   businesses   in   Mumbai   and   India   because   of   our   focus   on   quality. The  company  believes  that  technological  superiority  can  be  a  valuable  asset. We   provide   our   clients   better   products   through   investments   in   research. At the same time we reduce costs for our clients to give them better value for their resources.

The  CNC  Machined  components  that  Yadni  Campro  design  and  supply  have  been accepted and appreciated by businesses throughout the country. Our products conform to international standards and the best available resources for raw materials.

We deal with following companies:

  • Sivananda Electronics.
  • Ceat Speciallity Tyre Ltd.
  • Almighty Auto Ancillary Pvt. Ltd.
  • Tecnik Valves Pvt. Ltd.
  • Havi Vipal Enterprises Pvt Ltd.
  • Power Master Ltd.
  • Billets India Ltd.
  • Ace Techno pack Llp.
  • Pacific Tools Pvt.Ltd.
  • Excel Industrial Gears Pvt Ltd.
  • Nikkopass Eng. Pvt. Ltd. and much more.

We manufacture CNC based machined components to close tolerance as per customer’s requirement.  These components are highly reliable and are well tested for quality at our end.

We offer the following:

  • Precision Engineering components
  • Production works
  • Pharmaceuticals machine change parts
  • Pharmaceuticals tooling
  • Flanges    (As per drawing specification)
  • SS valves (As per drawing specification)
  • Various types of Coupling

Our approach is to understand customer’s requirements, devise solutions that meet

Those requirements economically and then deliver those solutions timely without compromising quality.

Having been in CNC , VMC machining business for 10 years we possess the experience more than 21years and confidence to handle large scale orders and projects smoothly.